Celtic Sword

I’m terribly afraid this may look perversly symbolic but I drew it years ago. I strongly doubt that was my intent. I found it and watercolored it this week.



What’s this, a self portrait?

SELFPORTRAIT001I did this in highschool and it is still my best self portrait.


Family First

I regret to admit that being a good mom is hard sometimes, the listening, playing and being gentle. Maybe it would be good to intertwine my enthusiasm with my daily duty of raising daughters and invite them into my imagination. After all, that’s how we got “The Hobbit”. Not that I or anyone else could ever be compared to Tolkien but look at how he gave his children the benefit of his talents. He never got too important or preoccupied in his intelligence to tell stories to his children.


Druword Magic

No crafty Druid could bestow

what mummified in the sod below

the unlucky Irish long ago.

The only magic that we now know,

the commingling of words that flow

and weave and spring aglow.

This poem an incantation throw

upon my own pot of gold and show

it to be no fool or faux,

for that would deal my pride a blow.




What did the hens say when they grew too old to lay eggs anymore?

Answer in comments


This little painting was in the ugly stage sitting on the counter for days. In the evenings when the bambinas were in their beds, I was too lazy to rise from my couch, scared of the dark and replulsed by the cold to leave the luminous shelter of the christmas tree to venture back into the kitchen.  I pretend to be this tough, discplined loner, yet I am scarred of being 30 feet away from the nearest human on a hard chair when I would rather be in bed close to the warmth of my husband. #explicitunratedmaterial


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Chrstmas eve conflagration

I thought it would be beautiful and symbolic to light the advent wreath on Christmas Eve and let the candles die out while we ate and opened presents. Unfortunately the green plastic of the wreath caught on fire. Luckily my husband saw and put it out. I had already painted the candles on the 23rd and just did my best to ignore the charred parts of the wreath when finally getting back into the painting yesterday.


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