This insight is so obvious I almost think I must have read it somewhere. A snake pit of intertwined stories and truth. Still, it is not a set in stone fact, or is it quite literally impressed in rock?

Consider that there are fossils of dinosaurs yet there are no dinosaurs around now. The closest thing we have are slithering snakes, belly dragging alligators and lethargic lizards with either non existent or tiny forelegs.  Going by the anatomy they should either be bouncing like kanagaroos or walking like us. Then we have this story in the Bible about the devil pretending to be a serpent because they are so crafty. Remember in Jurassic Park how the raptors were basically as smart as humans? Well, what if they were also dragon-like sharkmawed and huge. Totally appealing to evil.  Then God said serpents would walk on their bellies forever after. And that man would not be able to command nature anymore. Which reminds me of a question that has occupied my mind as to how people could have defended themselves against basically monsters. Answer, we could not unless we had a special weapon or knowledge. Once we lost that authority the reptiles thankfully lost stature as well.

I hope I haven’t uttered any heresy because the little udders – they’re hard to locate.

Birthday for Bonzos

I have been full of ideas and inspiration and projects lately. But my duty calls. My bonzo has a birthday approaching. She loves to play with other kids and seldom gets to. It seems like people don’t invite people to their houses like when I was young. Here I was thinking I was all elusive when really I am part of a very troubling trend. But I am going to try my darndest to be friendly for her and have a little party with other kids her age for once. Planning a party seems excruciatingly difficult for me. All my attention will be aimed at that. Not that it’s uncommon for me to randomly not post for a while. Probably a third of the posts here are proclaiming that I am about to stop posting.

Anyways, say a prayer that the party goes well.

Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart

IMG_1630Interesting how this image has been interpreted in such artsy ways. The devotion must always have been a favorite of artistes. A hundred years ago  tributes to the Sacred Heart were in many homes, I was recently made aware of while reading Dubliners. The image was displayed in honor somewhere near the front door. I made this version  four years ago in thanksgiving, I guess, since I met my husband on this Feast. We were both well on our way to becoming painful cases in my opinion. But that all ended on that providential noon in June on the eve of June 16th no less.

This seeing connections everywhere is making me wonder if I’m either crazy or just paying attention more.



Stick to Your Guns and Unstick Your Gums

Have you ever made an intelligent observation or learned an obscure fact but were too afraid to proclaim or act on it? Then years down the road, it turned out you were correct? Well, I just cannot bear the unrealized honor any longer.

This is probably pretty messed up, but I think I am going to start documenting those.

Wismidgen (wise+smidgen) #1

Raw potato starch causes crazy dreams not because it feeds bacteria which in turn do their magic, but because it is nightshade essence diluted into almot nothing. And you know how homeopathy takes a poison and the more it’s diluted the more it is a remedy to the exact reaction the plant in nature would cause? Since nightshade in nature is a neurotoxin that blocks neurotransmitters then perhaps diluted nightshade increases neurotransmitters, which causes crazy dreams.

Grassy Ruminations

I wanted to invent my own fairytale grasses for future drawings, kind of like the whimsical waves you see in picture books, but for land lubbers.



Deer Deviation from Drawing

i try to stick to drawings but this was too tempting. Plus, stats are way down.


Witchy Metal Music. Eyeshadow. Pagan goddess Art. Flower Fairies.  Why do I like these sinister things?  It cannot be the uncanniness of them…exactly, since I also like The Lord of the Rings, Howard Pyle’s more fantastical illustrations, Enya and Tchaikovsky. I think it is how beautiful they are, and yes, also because of that magical quality. Beauty is shaded and hidden and strange. There are bright and pretty things too but don’t they fade fast? Orange Lillies die that same day. And intense color is bleached in the sun. Okay,  I’m going to stop trying to prove my point through science.

My point is that there is not enough wholesome beauty being created these days using the shocking new technologies we now have. We could all be living like kings in gardens and kitchens enriched with exotic plants from the Far East. Billows of rainbow rayon raiment whisking in the wind behind  mirror-like chariots of molded metal! Imagine fluent ettiquette at fluttery butterfly balls. Engineers could probably construct elephantine cathedrals out of compressed and polished agate.

Cathedrals! Nothing about God is allowed to be pretty anymore. All decency is roughhewn or vulgar. And the popular is purely practical or impure crap. Hateful cuteness! Twisted vanity of “the ugly truth”! Fie, fie on hideous things that the self hating call sheik! Enough of what the successful call sleek!

I will no longer hold back from preparing and sharing as much loviness and wonderlust as I possibly can.

Here are my guidelines:

1) Beauty that isn’t…Bernini.

2) Sadness that isn’t suicidal

3) Darkness that isn’t dank

4) Mystery that isn’t madness