We see these pretty flowers on our walk through a sunny meadow. I snapped a photo of one but I was scared of the overlapping complexity of this to the point of not wanting to draw it. I decided to just let things overlap and also convert some of the details into repetative patterns. I’m glad I did what was needed both to start the drawing and enjoy the whole process instead of rigidly adhereing to reality.

THISTLE001 (2)

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Happy Feast of The Assumption!

For once I was bored, a rare mood for me, so I decided to make a quick watercolor sketch of The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary. As usual, once I started, I got really into it!

ASSUMPTION2019001 (2)


Word Play

Even though I don’t now think the following applies to me, for an hour a few weeks ago I imagined it did.  Here is the relic of a passing madness.

fullyarmedwithnothingbutcharm001 (2)


Shadow Play

Usually value studies are a Payne but I enjoyed this one!


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A View from The Window of Shiny Lights Flying High

I won’t give up on World Watercolor Month!


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Happy Feast of Saint Maria Goretti!

I started this painting as a Victorian vampire bride while I was dating my husband 6 years ago this summer. I remember working on it while talking to him on the phone in the hot attic studio. I was bribing myself to actually finish it by making frequent trips to Michaels to buy lurid alizarin and sparkling copper. I knew she had copper hair because copper hair was rare and boys used to admire it in that annoying gauntlet they form outside of the church doors on Sunday. She was embarrassed and used to run away.

The reasons I decided to draw this in the first place were because her dress would be simple and comparatively modern compared to medieval and religious saints. And because I could make sense of the flower bouquet the vampire bride was already holding becoming lilies.  In the story she appears to the boy who murdered her because he was obsessed with gross images in magazines and she refused to go along with him when he wanted to do stuff with her. He stabbed her 14 times and so she appeared after she died from the wounds to him in a dream with 14 flowers to show that she had forgiven him. He was sorry and changed his life.

Last December I took it out to finish. Over Christmas my husband bought some lilies for the table. I counted every bud and wilted bloom and it equaled 14! Just like it the story. A sign that I needed to finish the painting! And I did.


WWCM3: Picnic Food

This is like a British bake show picnic or something.



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A Study in Saturation

a bluebird dulled the grass of May

A green eyed cat did prostrate prey

And the bright bird waved its wings

And turned the sky to gray.