My Birthday

A birthday is an experience similar to dying. Your life flashes in front of your eyes, at least the last year of it. You regret the opportunities that you missed and the time wasted more than actual misdeeds. You thank God because in spite of so many mistakes and omissions things are pretty good!
I’ve been attempting to make art my job for the past six months. I don’t have much to show for it. Granted, I moved and gave birth during that time, but it is high time I got back to business. My three months of postpartum unemployment is soon to be over. I will produce artwork in October.
Being and Wife and Mom are my main jobs so “workflow” may be uneven. There may be periods of little to no finished projects. Art might include a baby mobile, Thanksgiving decorations, Advent wreaths and Christmas gifts. I will do what I can when I have the time.

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