This blog Just Won’t Die

Hello! It’s me. I’m surprised I dare scratch my pen around here too. I’ve been thinking that although I’m terribly inconsistent, that this project is too good to scratch. In a blogosphere where so many obey the unspoken requirement to include a whole picture of their lives, I have decided to post just one thing. I will only post with regards to art and even more specifically, my journey to improve basic drawing skills. Now is a good time to expose where the concept for this blog comes from.

There it is, a obsolete sketch by Albrecht Durer, just one thing!
Focus and privacy are refreshing concepts. I do not imagine that I will turn any virgin soil in the overpopulated continent of the internet. I’m here for accountability. It is always great to think that even one person cares and that a few others may be inspired to improve but I do not depend my success on a magnitude of followers. I’m hunting down skill and perseverance.

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4 thoughts on “This blog Just Won’t Die

  1. Adrienne K. says:

    I love the gesture shading/cross hatching style you used here!


  2. brygydmyry says:

    Thanks but that is by Albracht Durer. I’m going to include that in the paragraph.


  3. I enjoy these profound thoughts!


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