Everything Grows and Grows. Babies Do. Blogs Too.

It makes me sad to end this blog. The task to draw the same inanimate object over and over is so repetitive, pointless, joyless and compulsive. It really appeals to me. There is one drawback. The impracticality suggests leisure. Leisure adds to guilt. I am adding more unease where the the object was to salve the sense of sadness at not already being the artist I’m pretty sure I am supposed to be.

So now to make this venture earn it’s keep!

I am going to keep the theme of drawing practice. I don’t want this to be a moneymaking venture or an online portfolio. Instead, I want to use it to share studies of nature and preliminary sketches for other projects. I like the basic idea of drawing every day with the intention of improving. To dedicate much time and energy to such a great skill as rendering from life is justified. There is no need to make something so good into a tedious punishment.

I am going to be entering a botanical themed contest soon. Yesterday I picked up the nature journal of Edith Holden and was so inspired by the love that went into it. Every month of the year is celebrated with pretty and finished watercolours(since she was British) and handwritten poetry. I was there, in January, in October. Her happiness was contagious.

One thought on “Everything Grows and Grows. Babies Do. Blogs Too.

  1. Maggie says:

    That is pretty!


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