Fine, it was in the fine print.

The more life goes by the more I notice how rarely I regret keeping my mouth shut. Everything you say can and will be used against you. Statements are challenges either to be debunked or one-upped. Pretty soon you’re arguing for your own defense which is the most pathetic thing ever.  I like to express myself so my heart is in turmoil about what to share and what to wisely stifle. Luckily, I can be pretty sure that almost nobody reads this blog. I get to express myself in secret!

So here’s the story of my epic fail. On Tuesday August the eighteenth, I entered the contest I had been working on for weeks. Only I entered about two hours after the deadline. It was the Fabric8 contest on Spoonflower. The deadlines for the previous contests I had entered to date were at midnight. This time it was stated on the page for the official rules that entries must be in by 6 pm. I felt like somebody punched me hard in the belly for about 30 minutes. I laid down for a while. Thankfully, Nate graciously watched the baby and I went out and hung myself. I recovered fairly quickly since I have felt bad about how my artwork or my audience turned out before. When I came to, I caught my husband trying to call up the company to blast them about the rules. I was flattered, touched and annoyed at the same time. Him acting a tiny bit out of control helped me to regain my composure. Somebody has to keep their head. It so happened that everyone who worked at Spoonflower had gone home for the evening anyways.
I sat down and posted my design on the website since I had promised weeks before that no matter what happened I was going to show my work. My finished design does not work as fabric although the individual components were great and it at least fit the botanical sketchbook theme quite well. I named the finished layout “Fabric 8 Fail”.
It was an epoch fail. I think it was the start of a new era in my art! I started a nature journal. I discovered dry brush watercolor and cannot wait to learn more. This sad saga rekindled my efforts to improve drawing. This contest was greatly to thank for keeping this blog from almost certain death. I am so sincerely thankful for all the good that this past month of working on those oak tree studies has delivered. To ask for anything more would be nothing short of ingratitude.


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