I apologize for making this blog but…

I am ashamed of this blog. I’m afraid those I admire will stumble here someday and stop liking me at all. That is an irrational fear since I cannot even bring myself to utter the words “I have a blog.” Cringe. But what about the all-seeing sages of yore looking down from Heaven? Does Bishop Sheen shake his head over what troubling state of soul impels a young mom of dubious talent to show off her mediocre sketches?

Bishop Sheen has one foot in the recent past. He has one prophetic foot in our times too.  He has the honor of being dead while being relevant enough to be alive. He lived in the prefacebook, preblog era which pioneered the concept of ’15 minutes of fame’.  So many of the buds his discerning eyes could see are in full bloom now. His words on how so many children think they have some special genius is pertinent to this blog. I wish I could find his exact words but his advice is that those of us who may or may not be truly talented should do our absolute best to perfect potential gifts but to accept it contentedly if we are not destined for greatness. After all, our gifts are from God not our own selves.

I do not as yet know where I stand on the grade of visual intelligence but I can say that I do have at least some gift for art. Now if God gave me a coin of any value, do not I have an obligation to double it? Should all of us with any gift, small or big do our best to glorify Him with it as well as beautify the world growing ugly so fast? All stars shine. The dimmer ones get lost a little but that is nature. So when I pick up a brush it is not to fight in a duel where only one triumphs, I pick it up to do dire battle with the encroaching darkness clawing and crapping its way over the internet. Even pawns have responsibility.

2 thoughts on “I apologize for making this blog but…

  1. Maggie says:

    Extremely well said!


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