Philosophical Insomnia

Here I am, awake like so many other nights mulling over memories. I lay in bed for hours and reuse my past experiences to make blanket statements about the world. Facebook memories helps since somehow that became my bookmark to Facebook. I used to only see what flippant and fickle post friends are making today. Now I get a humility boost from seeing the past seven years of my own foolishness for that day of the month.

I was going to write an explanation about why I think everything I think and do everything I do according to this night’s  single-sentence-that-explains-the-world. But I think I am owed an excuse for going off on a tangent when I am literally writing why everything is the way it is. I mean, everything includes anything so technically, I am incapable of going off topic.

Black holes and Stars. That is kinda the theme. Stinginess contrasted with generosity. Hill and valleys. Action and omission. I think Da Vinci once put Michaelangelo down by saying that painting was adding and sculpture was subtraction. So you see the resentment goes deep. *token art reference* I love all things positive and that is why I am more pride than envy, too free with my words and why I judge every theory by its practicability and why I have insomnia rather than sleepiness and why I am never bored and maybe even why I am fat.  Although saying I am fat as a reflection of my glutted soul is even annoying because it gives credence to the more passive type thought process that delights in that kind of inevitability. And I hate that way of thinking.

2 thoughts on “Philosophical Insomnia

  1. Maggie says:

    Pretty deep thoughts. Why the insomnia? Interestingly, I also have come to love the “Facebook Memories” feature.


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