Friday of Fury

imageI lay in bed waiting for the witching hour to wane. In the meantime I meditated on on how few of the people I care about are still close or in touch. I felt sad for a minute. But then, I have to brace up, keep my family safe as long as possible till we each die. And then I need to get to Heaven if only to find  peace and get the family to Heaven too. So now you know where I stand. I have accomplished little more than jack to reach that goal yet.

I sneaked from the sleeping area and turned my cellphone back on since it gets so stressed out these days that it needs to be actually power out several times a day to function. I saw my family had continued  with yesterday’s fear of Friday conversation. I was hoping someone would  have texted to agree with me that we should be afraid. My Mom wrote that some supposed human had killed over eighty people with a truck! The Crowds in Nice were celebrating the storming of the Bastille.  There was like, one insignificant prisoner in the Bastille when the revolutionary mob stormed it hundreds of years ago. In horrible poetic justice, the Reign of Terror has returned to France. So my Friday of Fury began.

I knelt down and said five decades of the Rosary, which I hardly ever do kneeling like you’re kinda supposed to. And don’t tell me that’s not doing something! Actually it’s the best thing most of us can do. And if the western world remembered its history, they would know that that’s the way you beat the Mohammedans. The Rosary kept them back from Vienna and vanquished them in the naval battle of Lepanto. The Rosary is like, why we have had freedom for the last 500 years! They themselves know it and fear it because they remember stuff from hundreds of years ago. Our Lady of the Rosary is going to win. I don’t know if they know that but they fight with the suicial desperation of someone with no hope.

I will be sad if I lose up to all WordPress well wishers for saying what I really care most about here but it won’t be a new feeling.

And why didn’t the other people call it Friday of Fury instead of Day of Rage? Like, come on! Illiteration can make dumb things legit! Right?

2 thoughts on “Friday of Fury

  1. Maggie says:

    I agree with you about the Rosary. Also, I think you are striving for holiness in many ways. Lastly, I am always happy to talk/chat on the phone or otherwise.


    • brygydmyry says:

      Thank you Maggie! We should talk more often! I wish we all did more. I’m partially trying to cover my butt in case anyone says “how dare you claim to be religious!” I’m not claiming to be succeeding, just that I care.


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