My References

At the community college where I went to school for art, the teachers were adamant that we ideally draw from life but could also reference our own photos. Free stock images were frowned upon. Those laws are inscribed in my creative conscience forever.

My ideal and most common way to draw things is directly from life from start to finish, warts and all. Sometimes I start something that would have wilted by the time I could finish. I take a picture and continue at leisure. Other times, the flower is to precious to pick or someone else’s property, or a rapid rodent and that is when I just take a picture and work from that.

I have not always labeled which is which but I plan to from now on. Maybe we can see a difference between the various methods once I’ve got a whole bunch to compare.


3 thoughts on “My References

  1. Rebecca says:

    This is so interesting to hear. I have the same compulsions. It’s a weird kind of morality, and I suspect we’re stuck with it! 🙂


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