My Book Buying Binge

When I was about twenty, I had a job, a scholarship and a grant from the government. I still feel guilty about the grant. I recommend not accepting free money from anyone unless you really, really need it to survive because I think it brings out the worst and weirdest in us. The weirdest is what I want to chuckle at right now. I ended up obsessively buying tons of expensive, hard cover art books off of Amazon. Two of the books were “Classical Drawing Attelier” and “Classical Painting Attelier” written by Juliette Aristides. Soon the book frenzy ceased because the grants ran out. I hardly had time to even read the books.But I did start the drawing one. It is good so far, as far as my memory from years ago can say. I am still embarrassed by the dastardly circumstances under which it was aquired, but I reckon that not even using it will only compound the shame. I want to read it again, thoroughly till the end and apply what I learn. I think it will only flesh out, not contradict or distract from the DaVinci theme.

4 thoughts on “My Book Buying Binge

  1. Joseph Caley says:

    Back when I was twenty, oh, these many ages past it seems, I also had a grant.Not sure I feel guilty about it.

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  2. kim says:

    I could tell a similar story. I had a grant many years ago and didn’t spend it in quite the way it was intended. I think eventually we give back in other ways though – and we shouldn’t feel guilty about it 🙂

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