Master Copy #3


They say that the hands are the hardest part of the body to draw. I agree. These were more difficult than they should be. The whole human body is very difficult to draw. Figure drawing is one of the hardest classes I have taken. It is not as bad as physics but it is harder than chemistry. New things are hard to learn. Almost everyone who pretends otherwise is faking.


2 thoughts on “Master Copy #3

  1. kim says:

    I find hands the hardest to draw. You have captured Durer’s beautifully – I especially like light that falls on the sleeve and upper hand on your drawings. Durer’s study of the hand of an apostle (praying) is one of my favourite sketches.

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    • brygydmyry says:

      Thank you! I wonder why hands are so hard? Albrecht durer was so prolific. I like the prayer hands too. I bet they would take at least a week to copy. As hard as these were, praying hands has sooooo much detail.

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