Kill Low Self Esteem AND Vanity in One Fell Swoop.

I used to pick up how to books and endlessly look at the pictures. Before actually reading one actual word, I would be inspired to copy the project-a hodgepodge, half finished waste of time and materials. It was knitting that broke the long chain of crochet…chains that never amounted to anything more than nooses upon which to hang half hearted attempts. Sometimes tinkering yields treasures but most often it just takes the edge off of our desire to create practical and complete things.

So what is the solution? Learn to do something that absolutely requires a manual! A person can kind of guess a recipe or feather wreath but you cannot thread a sewing macine by mere human will. I personally, had to stop being lazy, flighty and know it all. Do not be surprised if your face gets red and the how to book buckles from drops of tears and sweat, I know not what.

And take a shower, you are going to need it!

tmi, Brigid, tmi.

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