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I’ve been working on this on and off for months.

drapery010 (2)

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The two sleeping are from life. The others from videos I took.




MENADRAWING001 (2) We were all out doing errands. While my husband was in the store I sat in the car while both babies slept.



I am over halfway through my Anno Davinci. It is time to cram since I am behind. Looking over the original plan from last September, I am going to think about the following things.

1) Some relief or sculpture copies are still needed. Providentially, I just bought an all white statue.

2) I will not do a whole separate section of one object from different angles. I will just apply this exercise to the other subjects left like with the drapery.

3) Get going with the objects in motion, my kids.

4) Be brave with the memory drawings.

5) Have fun with the imagination stretching exercises.

6) Some grotesquery is sorely needed.

7) Forget about estimating distances and proportions at least on this blog. Why would you guys care about how technically accurate I am? It would probably just make you guys envious anyways.

Secondhand Sewing Scrap

I found this in a bag of miscellaneous fabric from the best store ever.


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This was fun!


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Paper Towel

I arranged the same piece of paper towel six different ways and drew them one at a time with a ten minute timer. It turned out to be a really good way to get more drawing practice in. The only thing I’m going to change is that for now fifteen minutes might work better so that the studies are more finished.



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Strangely Subtle

img_2462img_2521Strangely subtle compared to my usual “you’re going to look right, stupid picture, even if I have to cut you with my pencil and erase the rest of you away” drawing style.

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