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Remember these guys from last year? I added four more! Lol!


Pardon My Rising Religiosity but…


This is the leaf displayer updated for winter. I took the clothes pins off and got the most part balanced fraudulent candles on the top of the beech tree branch and against the wall. One needed a little masking tape because of where it was on the stick. I used outdoorsy twine to hang it.

Daily Fresh Fall Leaf Displayer

I’ve spent a lot of crafting and art time trying to immortalize fallen leaves. Maybe the answer isn’t to try to make them last but to gather more. It’s always tempting to gather some each morning anyways.

43546859-367D-4567-952C-A0F581F61C9F   Here is the whole tableaux. I hung a wreath from the same nail as the leaf displayer.


It’s perhaps not ready to be shared because the little clothes pins were popping off. I think it would be best if they had been between normal clothes pin and mini in size.

Frightening Feline Facile Fall Fun

Tulip poplar leaves. 1AD5488A-7D5C-434F-8700-7D6CD062712D7C9E7A54-B55D-4D52-82F1-B7351E5A7729


IMG_3068Crafts. I like them. Now that I am a mom and homemaker (gag) crafts are just more practical.

Happy Saint Patrick’sDay!

I’ve always loved decorating and crafting for holidays.

These shamrocks are the 3-d shamrocks/hearts from Pinterest. I watercolored mine in the absence of green paper. These were fun, easier and rewarding.


I liked the simplicity of these little leprechaun hats and pot of gold.


I hope you all have a cheery day!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Maybe I should use my teenage drawing style more. It’s charming in my non-humble opinion.



A Wee Update

• I’m working on master copy number 5 right now. This will be the final one. I think moving on to something else will help gain lost momentum.

• I almost invariably work on SOMETHING during my free time. I finished a photo collage and a handmade sign this past week.


‘Death! Ride, ride to ruin and the world’s ending!’