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IMG_3068Crafts. I like them. Now that I am a mom and homemaker (gag) crafts are just more practical.

Happy Saint Patrick’sDay!

I’ve always loved decorating and crafting for holidays.

These shamrocks are the 3-d shamrocks/hearts from Pinterest. I watercolored mine in the absence of green paper. These were fun, easier and rewarding.


I liked the simplicity of these little leprechaun hats and pot of gold.


I hope you all have a cheery day!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Maybe I should use my teenage drawing style more. It’s charming in my non-humble opinion.



A Wee Update

• I’m working on master copy number 5 right now. This will be the final one. I think moving on to something else will help gain lost momentum.

• I almost invariably work on SOMETHING during my free time. I finished a photo collage and a handmade sign this past week.


‘Death! Ride, ride to ruin and the world’s ending!’