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Fare Thee Well, Fair Nature

I am so happy about my drawing this past year or so! I have a whole sketchbook filled with artwork for the first time in years. I did not draw every day, but I worked on my art way more than I otherwise would have. I am so glad I came upon the Edith Holden journal and decided to continue with this wee blog. Hardly anyone visits this blog according to the stats, and I am hardly sad at all. I am back to practicing like a kid again and that’s what matters most.


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Sunflowers Soon

The last handful of pages in my nature journal are a tad frazzled. image

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August first of last year was when I started the nature journal theme on this here wee blog. I have not quite filled up my physical, paper journal. I have a really smashing idea for next year though! Since I cannot seem to get rid of the italics, let that be a hint. No, it’s not that obvious thing, but that was the runner up. I want to do it right. So while I finish up those final pages in the nature journal, I will be reading and preparing. Maybe I’ll start on my birthday


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August 1, 2015

Here is my first entry. I like that it’s on August 1 and August is named after the first Roman emperor. Hopefully this country diary is not as ill fated.


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