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Celtic Sword

I’m terribly afraid this may look perversly symbolic but I drew it years ago. I strongly doubt that was my intent. I found it and watercolored it this week.



Maria Wanders Through a Thorn

I have been writing in my to-do/reminder book that I wanted to do some sort of Seven Sorrows based art for like, two years. I wanted there to be more than pallid spanish statues depicting it. I was was intimidated at the idea of drawing figures in motion which is so hard unless you have models. So I decided to do it my way. I started in June and spent several months getting the concept, making my knots, measuring the paper and drawing. A week ago I mixed my colors based on a Crivelli inspired painting in a plastic egg carton. Several days ago I stopped most everything else and just painted. My husband agrees that the watercolor works! Speaking of him, it was his idea to incorporate the teardrop shape.

SEVEN001 (2)SEVEN002


Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart

IMG_1630Interesting how this image has been interpreted in such artsy ways. The devotion must always have been a favorite of artistes. A hundred years ago  tributes to the Sacred Heart were in many homes, I was recently made aware of while reading Dubliners. The image was displayed in honor somewhere near the front door. I made this version  four years ago in thanksgiving, I guess, since I met my husband on this Feast. We were both well on our way to becoming painful cases in my opinion. But that all ended on that providential noon in June on the eve of June 16th no less.

This seeing connections everywhere is making me wonder if I’m either crazy or just paying attention more.