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Witchy Metal Music. Eyeshadow. Pagan goddess Art. Flower Fairies.  Why do I like these sinister things?  It cannot be the uncanniness of them…exactly, since I also like The Lord of the Rings, Howard Pyle’s more fantastical illustrations, Enya and Tchaikovsky. I think it is how beautiful they are, and yes, also because of that magical quality. Beauty is shaded and hidden and strange. There are bright and pretty things too but don’t they fade fast? Orange Lillies die that same day. And intense color is bleached in the sun. Okay,  I’m going to stop trying to prove my point through science.

My point is that there is not enough wholesome beauty being created these days using the shocking new technologies we now have. We could all be living like kings in gardens and kitchens enriched with exotic plants from the Far East. Billows of rainbow rayon raiment whisking in the wind behind  mirror-like chariots of molded metal! Imagine fluent ettiquette at fluttery butterfly balls. Engineers could probably construct elephantine cathedrals out of compressed and polished agate.

Cathedrals! Nothing about God is allowed to be pretty anymore. All decency is roughhewn or vulgar. And the popular is purely practical or impure crap. Hateful cuteness! Twisted vanity of “the ugly truth”! Fie, fie on hideous things that the self hating call sheik! Enough of what the successful call sleek!

I will no longer hold back from preparing and sharing as much loviness and wonderlust as I possibly can.

Here are my guidelines:

1) Beauty that isn’t…Bernini.

2) Sadness that isn’t suicidal

3) Darkness that isn’t dank

4) Mystery that isn’t madness

Kill Low Self Esteem AND Vanity in One Fell Swoop.

I used to pick up how to books and endlessly look at the pictures. Before actually reading one actual word, I would be inspired to copy the project-a hodgepodge, half finished waste of time and materials. It was knitting that broke the long chain of crochet…chains that never amounted to anything more than nooses upon which to hang half hearted attempts. Sometimes tinkering yields treasures but most often it just takes the edge off of our desire to create practical and complete things.

So what is the solution? Learn to do something that absolutely requires a manual! A person can kind of guess a recipe or feather wreath but you cannot thread a sewing macine by mere human will. I personally, had to stop being lazy, flighty and know it all. Do not be surprised if your face gets red and the how to book buckles from drops of tears and sweat, I know not what.

And take a shower, you are going to need it!

tmi, Brigid, tmi.

Pithy Paragraphs

Over fifteen years ago all us kids had to first copy out the sentence from the grammar book and only then label the parts of speech. Even though my handwriting was growing into the flowing river of molten gold it is today, I disliked that busywork of writing. Later, in high school,  when there was a minimum amount of words we had to have in an essay mine were about a lot of nothing loosely threaded together. This was only magnified in college once things had to be typed. But all along and in between poorly composed longer assignments were pithy paragraphs and witty Facebook statuses and nicely done test answers. This crutch is my stilts since not liking to write anything lengthy spurs me to take fewer but longer steps. The more meaning in one word, the less my hand has to move.

This does not mean that I have a short attention span. Even though I dare not demand others waste more than a moment on my own words, I have always enjoyed a long book. We owe great books our attention. But most of what we think has been said before, and the only thing left might be to summarize and organize and humorize all the knowledge for our own heads.

The Drapery is Drawn Back on 2017


It has been hard to draw these past months. Some of the reason was that I did not make time or organize my space for it. The other reason was that I was spending time with my family and preparing both for the new baby and holidays. I do not regret how I spent my time too much. Hopefully I can come up with system to make more art in 2017 though.

The good news is that drapery is cool to draw!

What Are the Wisest Words You’ve Ever Heard?

For me “I make enough mistakes by accident,  the last thing I need to do is go looking for trouble.” wins a half a point ahead of “Humans are fickle.”

The first statement makes more sense the longer you think about it. Your life could end or be ruined purely through bad luck, bad temper, stupidity or being in the wrong place at the wrong time so don’t add a bad will to the French macaron.

The second wise warning feels like a hard punch in your gut which for me is not a trite metaphor since I’ve actually gotten one once when I went looking for trouble and punched someone twice as big as me to show how tough I was.


Thanksgiving That Lasted All November Long

In one sentence.

I already could guess at the evil in the world but this month I learned that there are good people still left to fight it.


A Wee Update

• I’m working on master copy number 5 right now. This will be the final one. I think moving on to something else will help gain lost momentum.

• I almost invariably work on SOMETHING during my free time. I finished a photo collage and a handmade sign this past week.


‘Death! Ride, ride to ruin and the world’s ending!’


My Book Buying Binge

When I was about twenty, I had a job, a scholarship and a grant from the government. I still feel guilty about the grant. I recommend not accepting free money from anyone unless you really, really need it to survive because I think it brings out the worst and weirdest in us. The weirdest is what I want to chuckle at right now. I ended up obsessively buying tons of expensive, hard cover art books off of Amazon. Two of the books were “Classical Drawing Attelier” and “Classical Painting Attelier” written by Juliette Aristides. Soon the book frenzy ceased because the grants ran out. I hardly had time to even read the books.But I did start the drawing one. It is good so far, as far as my memory from years ago can say. I am still embarrassed by the dastardly circumstances under which it was aquired, but I reckon that not even using it will only compound the shame. I want to read it again, thoroughly till the end and apply what I learn. I think it will only flesh out, not contradict or distract from the DaVinci theme.

My References

At the community college where I went to school for art, the teachers were adamant that we ideally draw from life but could also reference our own photos. Free stock images were frowned upon. Those laws are inscribed in my creative conscience forever.

My ideal and most common way to draw things is directly from life from start to finish, warts and all. Sometimes I start something that would have wilted by the time I could finish. I take a picture and continue at leisure. Other times, the flower is to precious to pick or someone else’s property, or a rapid rodent and that is when I just take a picture and work from that.

I have not always labeled which is which but I plan to from now on. Maybe we can see a difference between the various methods once I’ve got a whole bunch to compare.