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This is the final Mary Cassatt copy that I will do. I really liked what I was working from and even though I was distracted from my work, I think it shows. In the future I would consider using more than an hour to draw. It allĀ  depends on the day. Maybe it’s silly to even specify a certain amount of time.



Or should I say Failday.Cassatt003


I’m not going to draw tonight. I was enthusiastic about art and drawing all day but now I feel the lack of sleep catching up to me. The Baby does not win a prize for good sleeper. She’s excellent at spontaneity however. Never mind. I’m tired.

About this week’s subject matter, I just wanted to draw something interesting to me. I didn’t want to have to try to make salt and pepper shakers look appealing. I wanted to draw anything to get me back into drawing often. I’ve long enjoyed copying paintings and I had recently heard how good it can be to sketch from the work of dead artists. I also need to work more generally at the beginning of the drawing and only once I have the basic composition down, go in and make important sections more detailed. I held my pencil looser and picked an artist who worked more loosely.

Till tomorrow! I really appreciate the few souls who visit here.


I will write more on this week’s subject matter in the next few days.marycassat001

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