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Saint Cecilia and the Angel

By Carlo Saraceni

I am done with the master copies. Done.



Death By Caravaggio

Um, yeah. Just get it mostly done and post it and be done with it!



Almost #4


“The Sacrifice of Isaac” by  Caravaggio

I am too excited to wait to post this until after I am finished. There is another reason too! I have been debating whether to show progressive photos of my art or just the fished picture like I have so far. Here is a perfect opportunity to show the map of everything without the final emphasis added with darker value or the finishing details. My teachers from community college would be offended that I never showed such patience under their tutelage. Most of an artwork should be completed with one light pencil and then later the focal point and deeper shadows are added. I think. I need to read my books to confirm this.


Just checking In

I still stand by my previous statement that I enjoy doing master copies. However, they  have all been time consuming. I am working on the most difficult yet. It is a carravaggio. His paintings looks so simple and dramatic.  I never realized how ‘tight’, I guess is the word, his drawings are. It is as though all the different parts are cramped yet appeare to be roomy and relaxed.  It is taking a long time to merely map things out over the page in my notebook.

Master Copy #3


They say that the hands are the hardest part of the body to draw. I agree. These were more difficult than they should be. The whole human body is very difficult to draw. Figure drawing is one of the hardest classes I have taken. It is not as bad as physics but it is harder than chemistry. New things are hard to learn. Almost everyone who pretends otherwise is faking.