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Red Death

I like how this one turned out. I worked on mixing a palette on Thursday evening while Nate and Mena watch movies. On Friday I sketched the overall shape in yellow paint and made the shadows and some of the actual leaf. Early this morning I put in about an hour and a half of hard concentration to finally finish. Earlier this week was a funk where I didn’t do too much, artistic or otherwise. So it’s great that things turned around so I don’t have to feel like the whole week was a waste.


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Sassy Yellow

One can recognize Sassafras by the differing number of lobes on leaves from the same tree or branch. I managed to paint an ‘entire’ leaf and a ‘threelobed’  before my branch wilted. I did not  see ‘mittenshaped’ on our trees.

People  make tea from the root bark.  Sassafras is yummy but not to be sampled by those who are pregnant or may become pregnant.


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Candy Apple

Here are a few pertinent thoughts:

I’m blessed to live in Ohio now since it is taking me a couple of weeks to get into the Season of Fall. In New England or Upstate New York the trees would be peaking or already shedding. Here, it is just beginning. I actually think I may have a a good while to draw leafs.

My goal with this blog is to draw every day. Most of the time I do not complete a study every day but I work on my projects even throughout weeks where I hardly post. I am content when I draw most days in a week and finish three watercolors or pencil drawings. I would like to see a continual increase in the number of drawing per month as well.

Since I enjoy watercolors so much, I would like to continually learn more about this medium and become as skilled as I possibly can. Surely there are many blogs and library books to help with these goals.

I do not want to abandon the scientific side to nature journaling. Already my eyes are looking at, recognizing and enjoying my surroundings a lot more. Any medicinal herb lore is a plus.


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Not My Proudest Moment


Over the next week I would like to post as many solo autumn leaves as possible. I’m 27 and still shocked by a pretty leaf laying on the pavement. My favorite are the almost fuchsia red leafs. I’ve seen that color diluted into my signature shimmering raspberry lipgloss and flamboyant floral patterns. I realize that bright bright saturations of color are not products of competitive advertisement. Then King Solomon in all his glory flouncces past. And lastly I imagine God laughing at man’s vanity but pleased with our imitations however pithy.

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