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The part of me that has a heart

though shivering, must impart,

that a splinter sharply freezing,

has pierced one ventricle

Infecting it into an icycle

which thrills to see you solely subsisting.

A story so blissfully promising,

might still end with  no beginning.

So if you wish make me livid,

take your life and fecund, live it!


Some Volta

“My hairless, toothless baby snail has slid

to where the overflows of winter sway

which springtime sun has melted fast away.

She knows a dolphin friend who might have hid

at least my sweety said she did.

Remember where her little steps would stray,

was powered forward purely by dismay.

I rushed to find her lest My God forbid….”

Oh cease your mad desire for fickle praise!

Um, let’s just say that you um, ain’t no Yeats.

Is your attempt at rhyme a feeble phase?

Because annoying bleats are far from feats.

Have pity please on us and start a blaze

of fire wherein to fling offending sheets!