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Fourth of July Fireplace

Happy Fourth to all! I based this fireplace on ideas that were online.  These tasteful burlap buntings were at Aldi’s!


The Pure Joy of Doing Stuff

Remember before the internet doing something for the pure joy of doing it? I remember getting so into a book I was reading that it seemed like my soul came partially out of my body and hovered between me and the page. People said I looked happy.  I remember how it was almost a physical itch to draw. I would be so excited that without even a plan, my pen would just start doodling over the page. There were sketchbooks filled with bold marked art because it came from my heart. People looked semi horrified as my whole body would crumple over the page in forceful concentration.  Isn’t it funny how you literally feel these things in your heart. Like heart hunger. It’s one of the less good things about the internet. It’s as irrevocable as innocence it seems, to get back the pure joy of doing things.

Sold the Reindeer Farm

One time I was talking to someone who suffers from anxiety and they told me something very interesting about the pills which seems to apply to other nervousness numbers as well. “The medication does take away the worry…but it takes away everything else as well. You see a happy kid running in the park, and you’re just like, ‘whatever.’”

Sometimes I get so solicitous first about the old people in the nursing home, now about my kids and sometimes even my own health and how it effects pregnancy that my greatest wish is to have somehow set up a life completely free of both responsibility towards anyone else and indebtedness towards anyone.

Then my mind flies to the cow farm in upstate New York, Canada or even the reindeer ranch in Alaska. The farm has been a daydream for years ever since I was young since I like animals.  But the setting for it has gotten farther away away as the amount of dear people has grown.

But those fantastical trips to the unpopulated north are over. The exotic livestock farm is no more. I do suffer anxiety because I have chosen the warmth of real life. It’s hard keeping mini crazy people from committing accidental suicide! But if that’s the price you pay to bring whole new people into the world and maybe feel a tad of joy yourself, then I choose it, even during a panic attack. And no more regrets that when I got married I wasn’t yet wise enough to be completely selfish.

What’s this, a self portrait?

SELFPORTRAIT001I did this in highschool and it is still my best self portrait.


I make an exception for Christmas!

Normally drawing everyday object is a little tedious for me. I wish it wasn’t because there are  lots of interesting techniques and ideas and even emotions that are evoked by the seemingly mundane. After all, as my old teachers told me, first of all, it is the art student’s responsibility to make the subject interesting. Secondly, drawing from life is the necessary well of concrete knowledge from which more fantastical illustrations can be drawn and molded.  If you do not understand the basic concepts then the worlds we make with our imaginations can never look real.

There is one time when the world becomes more magic than any mind mage could conjure, and that time is this season. So while I can enjoy it, I will draw from life, as much as the little girls allow.

Tearing Ass

I was having an imaginary conversation with anyone who would listen the other day where I was describing the 20 head herd of deer “tearing ass” across our back woods. Then I said to said person “after all, the Latin word for earth is terra, -ae, therefore, terrassing is a very classy way of covering much ground.



Turnips have a distinct but delicate  taste and a starchy texture. Cauliflower can be watery, stringy and sometimes needs to be dressed up with things like garlic and Parmesan cheese.  These underground ombré aubergines are usually available even in regular grocery stores at a similar price to cauliflower. They are easy to peel and prepare. The tops are a winter green. There are 34 calories per cup of these purple pearls versus 27 in the frosty flowers. So, I conclude that turnips are a better potato substitute than cauliflower for those careful to avoid carbohydrates.

Here are my favorite turnip uses so far:

1) A puréed soup made with just butter to sauté the equal parts leeks and turnips  before adding the water. Then after simmering  till the vegetables are soft, add salt and pepper to taste. Blend. This is super delicious without even needing broth, cream or spices of any kind.

2) I had been adding cubes of turnip to cottage pie, but duh! I should mash it in place of potatoes on top. Anyways, the tastes REALLY go so well!

I will add more ideas later as I think of them and experiment more.

Name begins with N

Over several months there has been a mess of expensive, conical coffee filters and cheap watercolors strewn about our romp/work room. Last night I forced myself into artistic overdrive and…IMG_2925.JPG

Birthday for Bonzos

I have been full of ideas and inspiration and projects lately. But my duty calls. My bonzo has a birthday approaching. She loves to play with other kids and seldom gets to. It seems like people don’t invite people to their houses like when I was young. Here I was thinking I was all elusive when really I am part of a very troubling trend. But I am going to try my darndest to be friendly for her and have a little party with other kids her age for once. Planning a party seems excruciatingly difficult for me. All my attention will be aimed at that. Not that it’s uncommon for me to randomly not post for a while. Probably a third of the posts here are proclaiming that I am about to stop posting.

Anyways, say a prayer that the party goes well.

Deer Deviation from Drawing

i try to stick to drawings but this was too tempting. Plus, stats are way down.