Deer Deviation from Drawing

i try to stick to drawings but this was too tempting. Plus, stats are way down.


Witchy Metal Music. Eyeshadow. Pagan goddess Art. Flower Fairies.  Why do I like these sinister things?  It cannot be the uncanniness of them…exactly, since I also like The Lord of the Rings, Howard Pyle’s more fantastical illustrations, Enya and Tchaikovsky. I think it is how beautiful they are, and yes, also because of that magical quality. Beauty is shaded and hidden and strange. There are bright and pretty things too but don’t they fade fast? Orange Lillies die that same day. And intense color is bleached in the sun. Okay,  I’m going to stop trying to prove my point through science.

My point is that there is not enough wholesome beauty being created these days using the shocking new technologies we now have. We could all be living like kings in gardens and kitchens enriched with exotic plants from the Far East. Billows of rainbow rayon raiment whisking in the wind behind  mirror-like chariots of molded metal! Imagine fluent ettiquette at fluttery butterfly balls. Engineers could probably construct elephantine cathedrals out of compressed and polished agate.

Cathedrals! Nothing about God is allowed to be pretty anymore. All decency is roughhewn or vulgar. And the popular is purely practical or impure crap. Hateful cuteness! Twisted vanity of “the ugly truth”! Fie, fie on hideous things that the self hating call sheik! Enough of what the successful call sleek!

I will no longer hold back from preparing and sharing as much loviness and wonderlust as I possibly can.

Here are my guidelines:

1) Beauty that isn’t…Bernini.

2) Sadness that isn’t suicidal

3) Darkness that isn’t dank

4) Mystery that isn’t madness


I’ve been working on this on and off for months.

drapery010 (2)

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Some Volta

“My hairless, toothless baby snail has slid

to where the overflows of winter sway

which springtime sun has melted fast away.

She knows a dolphin friend who might have hid

at least my sweety said she did.

Remember where her little steps would stray,

was powered forward purely by dismay.

I rushed to find her lest My God forbid….”

Oh cease your mad desire for fickle praise!

Um, let’s just say that you um, ain’t no Yeats.

Is your attempt at rhyme a feeble phase?

Because annoying bleats are far from feats.

Have pity please on us and start a blaze

of fire wherein to fling offending sheets!


The two sleeping are from life. The others from videos I took.




MENADRAWING001 (2) We were all out doing errands. While my husband was in the store I sat in the car while both babies slept.


Kill Low Self Esteem AND Vanity in One Fell Swoop.

I used to pick up how to books and endlessly look at the pictures. Before actually reading one actual word, I would be inspired to copy the project-a hodgepodge, half finished waste of time and materials. It was knitting that broke the long chain of crochet…chains that never amounted to anything more than nooses upon which to hang half hearted attempts. Sometimes tinkering yields treasures but most often it just takes the edge off of our desire to create practical and complete things.

So what is the solution? Learn to do something that absolutely requires a manual! A person can kind of guess a recipe or feather wreath but you cannot thread a sewing macine by mere human will. I personally, had to stop being lazy, flighty and know it all. Do not be surprised if your face gets red and the how to book buckles from drops of tears and sweat, I know not what.

And take a shower, you are going to need it!

tmi, Brigid, tmi.


IMG_3068Crafts. I like them. Now that I am a mom and homemaker (gag) crafts are just more practical.