poetry is a thought or emotion which has been filtered through meticulous meter and rigorous rhyming till it becomes distilled into its purest and most intoxicating form. Many times some well chosen poetic devices are added for extra enjoyment.


An Immodest Proposal

It’s extremely sophomoric even for me to dare propose the reason for morning sickness on my silly blog after countless hours of suffering from half the population for thousands of years. Yet, that’s what I’m about to do.

What if it’s the body’s attempt to increase the blood volume in a balanced way. Your blood volume increases a ton when you’re pregnant. Maybe that’s why lowering blood sugar is so bad. Also why minerals help and why pregnant women like pickes. Pickes are sour and salty. Sodium and potassium. Or why they don’t want anything. Maybe that’s why the symptoms are gradated, because there are several minerals and nutrients needed to balance blood. So maybe if you’re missing only one the symptoms are milder. Maybe the factors are weighted in importance, with blood sugar being the most important.  My first pregnancy I wanted water and salty foods which fits since I was almost certainly dehydrated from years of drinking tons of coffee. But since I was a healthy weight(good blood sugar balance or whatever it’s called), I felt pretty good. Second pregnancy I was overweight( fluctuating or high blood sugar) going in and it was harder. This may seem shaky but I do know a lot of processes in the human body are complex and that a lot of mechanisms that are meant to help you can actually harm you, like dying from a bee sting.

Or maybe there’s a specific chemistry to prevent or cause contractions. Maybe the body is trying to thin out calcium from the cells and smooth muscles n’ stuff. Maybe that’s why magnesium helps because without it muscles cannot relax. Maybe this is why exercise helps because it brings the minerals into the skeletal muscles and away from the uterus muscles. Maybe that’s one of the reasons the blood volume increases in the first pace, to draw out and trap the interstitial shit. May progesterone is basically meant to slow the involuntary muscles. Maybe that’s why women get constipated  and get heart murmurs. When you have your period you’re the opposite of nauseous because you basically can’t eat enough. When you are not going through that because you’re pregnant you are nauseous.  Especially since pregnancies with morning sickness result in less miscarriages. Interesting.

I’m thinking it’s chemistry

Still Life

This ws started about a month ago while she was sleeping on the couch. I finished it the best I could from memory since the photos I took were deleted off my phone by accident.


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Celtic Sword

I’m terribly afraid this may look perversly symbolic but I drew it years ago. I strongly doubt that was my intent. I found it and watercolored it this week.



What’s this, a self portrait?

SELFPORTRAIT001I did this in highschool and it is still my best self portrait.


Family First

I regret to admit that being a good mom is hard sometimes, the listening, playing and being gentle. Maybe it would be good to intertwine my enthusiasm with my daily duty of raising daughters and invite them into my imagination. After all, that’s how we got “The Hobbit”. Not that I or anyone else could ever be compared to Tolkien but look at how he gave his children the benefit of his talents. He never got too important or preoccupied in his intelligence to tell stories to his children.


Druword Magic

No crafty Druid could bestow

what mummified in the sod below

the unlucky Irish long ago.

The only magic that we now know,

the commingling of words that flow

and weave and spring aglow.

This poem an incantation throw

upon my own pot of gold and show

it to be no fool or faux,

for that would deal my pride a blow.




What did the hens say when they grew too old to lay eggs anymore?

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