Bearing Tidings of Joy

I saw this at the crafy store months ago and I just had to have it!


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Doll Decked Out

CHRISTMASDECOR001 I was just in the mood to draw this today.

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I make an exception for Christmas!

Normally drawing everyday object is a little tedious for me. I wish it wasn’t because there are  lots of interesting techniques and ideas and even emotions that are evoked by the seemingly mundane. After all, as my old teachers told me, first of all, it is the art student’s responsibility to make the subject interesting. Secondly, drawing from life is the necessary well of concrete knowledge from which more fantastical illustrations can be drawn and molded.  If you do not understand the basic concepts then the worlds we make with our imaginations can never look real.

There is one time when the world becomes more magic than any mind mage could conjure, and that time is this season. So while I can enjoy it, I will draw from life, as much as the little girls allow.

Maria Wanders Through a Thorn

I have been writing in my to-do/reminder book that I wanted to do some sort of Seven Sorrows based art for like, two years. I wanted there to be more than pallid spanish statues depicting it. I was was intimidated at the idea of drawing figures in motion which is so hard unless you have models. So I decided to do it my way. I started in June and spent several months getting the concept, making my knots, measuring the paper and drawing. A week ago I mixed my colors based on a Crivelli inspired painting in a plastic egg carton. Several days ago I stopped most everything else and just painted. My husband agrees that the watercolor works! Speaking of him, it was his idea to incorporate the teardrop shape.

SEVEN001 (2)SEVEN002


Pardon My Rising Religiosity but…


This is the leaf displayer updated for winter. I took the clothes pins off and got the most part balanced fraudulent candles on the top of the beech tree branch and against the wall. One needed a little masking tape because of where it was on the stick. I used outdoorsy twine to hang it.

The part of me that has a heart

though shivering, must impart,

that a splinter sharply freezing,

Is piercing one ventricle

Infecting it into an icycle

which thrills to see you solely subsisting.

A story so blissfully promising,

might still end with  no beginning.

So if you wish make me livid,

take your life and fecund, live it!


Pro Pretty



Tearing Ass

I was having an imaginary conversation with anyone who would listen the other day where I was describing the 20 head herd of deer “tearing ass” across our back woods. Then I said to said person “after all, the Latin word for earth is terra, -ae, therefore, terrassing is a very classy way of covering much ground.


Daily Fresh Fall Leaf Displayer

I’ve spent a lot of crafting and art time trying to immortalize fallen leaves. Maybe the answer isn’t to try to make them last but to gather more. It’s always tempting to gather some each morning anyways.

43546859-367D-4567-952C-A0F581F61C9F   Here is the whole tableaux. I hung a wreath from the same nail as the leaf displayer.


It’s perhaps not ready to be shared because the little clothes pins were popping off. I think it would be best if they had been between normal clothes pin and mini in size.