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I’m becoming a night owl!  Interesting thing about me that I have never yet seen in another person. I really messed myself up by going to bed early. I finally found out at about 28 years old, that I need to stay up until 10 or even 11 in order to sleep well. I have kind of suffered a lot for almost 15 years as melodramatic as that sounds, by going to bed too early. Weird.


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August first of last year was when I started the nature journal theme on this here wee blog. I have not quite filled up my physical, paper journal. I have a really smashing idea for next year though! Since I cannot seem to get rid of the italics, let that be a hint. No, it’s not that obvious thing, but that was the runner up. I want to do it right. So while I finish up those final pages in the nature journal, I will be reading and preparing. Maybe I’ll start on my birthday


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Bridal Blue

I had cornflowers in my wedding. Aren’t they do pretty? Easy to grow too!



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