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AS SWEET AS A SUGARPLUM as graceful as a bird

My daughter is a good little dancer. This doesn’t exactly look like her but his is based off a photo of her at her first recital where she caught a bad cold. Now everyone has the cold and we are all home. That is the main reason I didn’t post or paint yesterday. I was too tired.


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Christmas is Adventing

I mostly imagined/remembered for this one but I took my daughter’s toy donkey from her shoe by the hearth. It’s waiting there for St Nicholas! Don’t worry, I put it back! Lol!



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The kids are sick with either a bad cold or a mild flu. So I’m behind a day, but that’s okay.

Some of this drawing was from my imagination, some from my own photo reference. Just for future reference, almost all if not all of my photo reference is from my own photos.


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Organically Growing

Yay! We have a house plant!


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This is my baby. She is gigantic compared to her size at birth. She is holding a tiny wooden elephant that I entwined in her fingers.


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Stuffed Mice Have Fun Too

I wanted to fulfil the prompt the #inktober2018 prompt #double and the #Doodlewash prompt of bat but I also wanted to use a source without copywriting. I thought that a bat looks like a flying mouse then found a stuffed mouse from my daughter’s toys. Then I realized that I didn’t know what bat wings really look like so I decided that this picture would be of a stuffed mouse using two cut oak leaves to dress up as a bat!


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Leeky Goodness

This was for the #inktober prompt #muddy for #inktober2018 . You cannot see it from the outside but this leek was muddy as most leeks are. I used this and one other leek to make a delicious leek, mushroom and hamburger pie with half a beer. Yum.


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Scorched Skillet

Looks like I still can’t spell.

scorched skillet001

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This is my little one on Easter!

noelleeaster001EASTER NOELLE002

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